Located in the heart of the Valpolicella Classica region we find Corte Rugolin, an old rural estate - nowadays transformed into a winery - that can trace its history back to the 1600s. It enjoys an ideal microclimate, thanks to its ideal location, between the Lessini mountains, the plains and Lake Garda, which creates the ideal conditions for vine growing.
Corte Rugolin's activity preserves the winemaking traditions that have been used for generations. Our great-great grandfather Giuseppe used to work the vineyards with passion, but the first one to produce small quantities of Recioto and Amarone was our great-grandfather Fortunato, starting a tradition that has grown strong since, with the work of our grandfather Giuseppe and our father Bruno.


In 1998, twin siblings Elena and Federico Coati took the reins of this tradition, and have been working together to make the Corte Rugolin project a reality, bringing to this historical residence an experience that connects past and future thanks to a personal range of wines that represent at the same time the expression of their territory, ancient traditions and winemaking excellence.

Elena and Federico have used their passion, dedication and shared values of elegance and classical style to skilfully combine the intensity of the age-old flavour and the local cultural traditions with the latest innovations and state-of-the-art technology, positioning themselves on the international market with excellent wines: Amarone, Ripasso, Valpolicella, and Recioto.